What to do in an emergency?

  • Think of safety first.

  • Call "911" immediately. Time is of the essence.

  • Have an Emergency Plan for your family for hurricanes, tsunamis, flooding, earthquakes and hazardous materials incidents. Learn the safest route from your home in case you have to evacuate in a hurry.

  • If you are in an impacted zone, follow the instructions of emergency personnel such as the Fire Department or Police.

  • Wait until they tell you everything is clear before returning.

Emergency Phone Numbers

1 Fire Department, Police Department, Ambulance 911
2 National Response Center & Terrorist Hotline 1-800-424-8802
3 State Department of Health – Hazard Evaluation & Emergency Response Office (HEER) (808) 586-4249 After hours #: (808) 247-2191
4 Department of Emergency Management – Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) (808) 723-8960
5 National Weather Service Weather forecast: (808) 973-5286 Oahu surf forecast: (808) 973-4383
6 CIP Environment Hotline (808) 674-3388